The promotion is open to those natural persons over the age of 18 legally residing in Spain and who enter their code on the website of 100 montaditos


Once they access the website, participants must enter the code shown on the 100 MONTADITOS receipt and accept the competition rules. They must then complete a form (hereinafter “the form”), including the following details: name, surname(s), e-mail address, mobile telephone number, etc.


The winner shall be chosen at random from among all participants by the marketing department of EUROMONTADITO, S.L.U.
To award the prize, EUROMONTADITO, S.L.U. shall contact the winner through the e-mail address given by the winner in the participation form.


The prize shall be valid for 15 days from notification to the winning participant.


Those persons that have an employment relationship with EUROMONTADITO, S.L.U. or any other company of the Restalia Group or their relatives up to the first level of kinship are excluded from taking part. Also excluded are those employees (or direct relatives) of companies that directly or indirectly take part in this Competition.


Also excluded are any persons that provide wrong or incorrect data. Furthermore, the data provided must be truthful. EUROMONTADITO, S.L.U. hereby reserves the right to automatically remove and expel from the promotion any participant that makes fraudulent or abusive use of the Competition or whose data are false or from dubious origin in the opinion of EUROMONTADITO, S.L.U..


This Competition is free to enter. Each participant shall be responsible for their Internet connection charges.



The winner will be rewarded with a box of experiences to share with a friend.


Acceptance of the Competition Rules

Taking part in the Competition shall require the participant’s express acceptance of these rules (including the data protection policy set out herein).


Participants undertake to accept any decision taken by the Company vis-à-vis these rules or any other issue resulting from the Competition and not included in said rules.


Consequently, any incident that may arise and which is not reflected in these rules shall be ruled on by the Company to the best of its knowledge and criterion.


These rules are governed by Spanish regulations. Participation in the game entails the participant’s express waiver to any other jurisdictional privilege to which they may be entitled and submission to the courts of Madrid for ruling on any claim.


Breach of any of the rules shall lead to the participant’s exclusion from the game.
Participants may check the Competition rules on the 100 MONTADITOS website (


The Company shall not accept any liability for damages of whatsoever kind including, for illustrative purposes: (i) force majeure; (ii) interruptions or malfunctions in the normal performance of data network connections or incidents, inter alia concerning interoperability or interconnection, or even (iii) technical problems with the web pages; (iv) transmission problems or data losses not attributable directly to the Company; as well as (iv) any other events beyond its will and/or control.

Participants shall hold harmless the Company and the franchisees of EUROMONTADITO, S.L.U. from any damages, claims, liability or cost (including the fees of lawyers or other legal costs -whether or not voluntary-) that these parties could incur as a consequence of the acts and omissions of Competition participants (particularly any claims concerning the rights over photographs or any other breach or inaccuracy of the conditions set out in these rules). To this end, neither the Company nor the companies of its Group nor the aforementioned franchisees shall answer under any circumstances for contingencies on liability stemming from the same.